July 21, 2024

What happened with Seth Rollins after WWE Survivor Series WarGames went off air.

WWE fans witnessed two megastars returning to WWE on the same night at WWE Survivor Series 2023. Ever since Punk was fired from AEW. Fans started speculation that CM Punk could return to WWE.

There were report previously that WWE top haven’t been told about CM Punk return. It seems like Seth Rollins doesn’t know about Punk return.

After WWE Survivor Series went off air. Seth Rollins was seen angry. He tried to go after somebody, It maybe CM Punk. Seth Rollins previously had openly criticised CM Punk.

Triple H during post match press conference told that CM Punk return happened very quick. So that’s why nobody saw it coming.

“This is one of those sort of lightning in a bottle moment that came together very quickly. But we incredibly excited about it. You know, its been a longtime and someway it’s been a longtime coming. You can say this about CM Punk love him, hate him, positive, negative whatever you want to say, people talk about him all the time. (H/T: WrestlingManiaFan)

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