May 23, 2024

Kofi Kingston says Big E’s injury reminded him of how dangerous pro-wrestling can be

Kofi Kingston recently gave an interview to TMZ Sports, where he talked about Logan Paul, Big E and more.

When he was asked about Big E

” Everything we do is dangerous man, like you forget with E’s situation, and him breaking his neck. It was like, you’re reminded of just how dangerous what we do is, it takes one second for everything to go awry, but with his situation, you’re really lucked out. For him to be able to do what he want’s to do, he hasn’t had any surgery.

Big E last month on Out Of Character podcast told that he would be cleared to live normal but will not be cleared for taking bumps and suicide spears

“Right now, I would be cleared to live normal life but I’m not cleared to be taking off and hitting suicide spears and to be taking back bumps. The nature of what we do is very physical involves your neck and spine and I like to keep that it intact as possible. So for me right now, the next step is they wanna take a look at it again after a year, I get some more scan.” H/T

Big E’s return is widely anticipated by fans, but it will take lot more time than anticipated. Big E is a integral part of the New Day, without him, it doesn’t feel like a complete team.

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